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December 14, 2012
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(Contains: strong language)

A...scarf? You glower down at the pink scarf and wave it around,and someone chuckled cooly. A set of arms wandered around your waist and led you to the closet,not allowing you to see his face. And you know already what you have coming.

Dave whisked off his shades and gave you a cool grin. "Sup,"he said simply,hugging you from behind again. You try to abscond and fail miserably. "Awww,come on _!" He whispered in your ear,making you shiver in delight. He noted this and grinned again,slowly glancing down at you with crimson eyes,a big smile playing over his lips.

He bent down to your height and wasted no time. He pressed into you and his tongue 'somehow' found it's way into your mouth. After a moment or so he pulled back and cupped his hands on your back,and kissed your neck up and down slowly,making you shiver and pant,until he cupped your cheek with a hand and went on.

Upon hearing the gentle click of the latch you two parted. He strutted out with his shades on and you heard the girls outraged,questioning. "What happened?" Yelped John. Dave shrugged.

"But it'll definitely happen again," he says,making you blush immensely and sit down on the couch smiling like an idiot
Oh look, another horrible chapter. Murr. Well, I guess I gave it my best shot xD

(c) Homestuck belongs to Hussie
You belong to you.
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